2017—The Year of Personality

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A lot changed in 2016 for me. There were many exciting moments in my personal life (getting engaged being the biggest) and many big moments that caught all of our attention as the country finished a nasty campaign cycle. Professionally, a lot changed too. As the year came to a close, I decided it was time to change something very precious to me–KOER Creative.

Since the Summer of 2013 it was my baby. I am proud of the accomplishments and successes I shared with a very cool team. When I made the decision to re-structure my business, I didn’t know changing a name would be a big deal.

In hindsight as 2016 came to a close, something hooked me. At the start of the year I predicted Donald Trump would win the presidency on one merit–his marketing message. I, like many others did not like either of the main candidates. But there was an underlying lesson I learned from the election–we’re in the age of selling personality.

Obviously, much more successful people than myself know that and preach it. It’s interesting to me how our next president uses social media and his content. Go look at his notorious Twitter feed. If you think what he says is dangerous or you disagree with it, I understand, however consider this–it is laced with his personality.

This led me to a sinking feeling, my business had a bland personality.

People who know me say that I should have been on Kids Say the Darnedest Things because of my outlandish quips and dad-like jokes. How come my business’s content is not the same? That was the question that pressed me forward.

Koering & Company

Today marks the beginning of Koering & Company and the end of KOER Creative. It’s bittersweet, but it’s time to progress towards a maturing vision of infusing personality into our messaging and marketing services. I am really excited for our next chapter, I think it will be a better place for our customers.

With this changes also comes a new approach to the services that are offered. Starting today, we offer branding and digital marketing consulting along with our website design and social media marketing–all with a focus on personality. In the coming months we have some outlandish and bold ideas that will be released to help our customers continue to clarify their message and grow their businesses.

I hope you will join us as we move forward.